Advantages of doing volunteer work

Have you ever wondered how many times in your life you needed help and could count on someone? How many times have you received support and a friendly shoulder? Or even a word of encouragement and comfort? How important was this welcoming to you?

This is not a reality for millions of people worldwide. That is why volunteering is so important! For people in particular and communities as a whole in a social vulnerable situation, we are the only hope and support.

We are the result of the society that we build ourselves. So, if we want to live in a better world, it is our responsibility to build it. Together!

IT'S GOOD AND IT DOES GOOD: altruistic behavior is usually associated with good physical and mental health. Several studies link altruism with a longer life expectancy.

VISION ENLARGEMENT: the exposure to a more diverse set of people, opinions, and problems broadens the volunteer's worldview and makes him/her more empathic.

DIVERSE FORMS OF DIVERSITY: when experiencing new realities, the individual does not allow himself to be isolated from the political, social, and economic issues that affect the community around him/her.

What does a volunteer do?

Permanent Volunteering

You will be part of a super-engaged team made of people who believe they can change the world! We have several working groups in areas such as communities’ interface, fundraising, logistics and planning, communication and marketing, etc.

Kitchen Practice

Do you like to cook? Then you will love our cooking events! In some actions, after collecting inputs that would be discarded, we gather in industrial kitchens and prepare, with the greatest care, hundreds of meals for those who need them most.

Action in Communities

You can also act punctually, assisting us in the logistics and transportation of donations to partner communities. Also, you will still meet and be enchanted with the wonderful families that we are honored to serve with our projects.

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