The Good Logistics

We collect unsold produce and processed foods that are close to the expiration date, from partner supermarkets. We dispose of these kits 3-4 times a week for residents of vulnerable communities. On the other hand, the residents compromise to participate monthly in our workshops on healthy eating, nutrition and health. This way, we avoid having tons of food end up in the trash. Feeding the hungry and still disseminating content of great value to those who have little (or no) access.

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Volunteer Program

The volunteering initiatives are immersive meetings, which contemplate 3 different stages: 1) Awareness:meeting where we discuss the reality of the most vulnerable people, empathy, food waste and sustainability. 2) Hands-on: we go to an industrial kitchen to prepare as many meals as possible using the inputs that were rescued from food banks. Here we also teach about the integral use of vegetables in preparations that, besides being healthy, are super tasty. 3) Distribution: we deliver meals to a public that lives in a situation of vulnerability: street people, peripheral communities or other NGOs.

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Personalized Projects

Want to get closer to GoodTruck, but no initiative mentioned above suits you? We also build completely customized projects and campaigns and we can link your brand or company to any of them! Here are some examples of how we can work together:

  1. Signed products - co branding
  2. Social marketing actions
  3. Sustainability consultancies
  4. Collaborative content
  5. Events
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Workshops and Talks

Our facilitations aim to inspire. Present tools, content and provide experiences that arouse curiosity and change habits. Some of the topics we usually talk about are:

  1. Holistic health and conscious consumption
  2. Social entrepreneurship and the third sector
  3. Empathy and interpersonal relationships
  4. Purpose
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Management, Proactivity and Productivity
  7. Collaboration and group work
  8. Facilitation of processes
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The Good Meal

“The Good Meal” is a project launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to support families that were living drastically the consequence of the crisis triggered by the virus outbreak. We entered into a partnership with dozens of restaurants in Curitiba-PR and Campinas-SP, which made “The Good Meal” available on their menus. For each purchase of “The Good Meal” made by a customer within the delivery app, the establishment donates a meal and GoodTruck is responsible for the delivery every week. Since the beginning of the campaign, thousands of meals have been distributed free of charge in extremely vulnerable communities, ensuring quality food to those in need. In addition to the meals, we also donate significant amounts of protective masks, alcohol, clothes, blankets and basic food baskets.

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